Upholstering is a craft, which – like any craft – you only master through experience. For yacht upholstery, the use of state-of-the-art technology is fundamental. This requires continuous innovation.

“Because each product is personal, our clients are always involved in the design process.”


Year 2019
Length 10 meter
Technique Robot-milled shaping, CNC-Stitching

Full leather upholstery “Bentley-Style” Limo Tender and Open Tender.


Year 2019
Length 93 meter
Technique Robot-milled shaping, CNC-Stitching

Design and leatherwork for the IMAX theatre seatings on board; CNC diamond-stitch terry covers for the exterior cushions.


Year 2016
Length 10 meter
Technique Robot-milled shaping, handcrafted leather shaping

Collaboration with the design team of RWD in delivering Robot-milled shaping, handcrafted leather shaping for their design of the upholstery of the Faith limousine tender.


Year since 2017
Length 28-58 ft
Technique CNC-Stitching, handcrafted shaping and stitching.

CoverWorks is home supplier and manifactures the exterior upholstery of the Vanquish Yachts.


Year 2017
Length 12 meter
Technique CNC stitching combined with handcrafted stitching

Full upholstery for the Bravo Eugenia open tender using, amongst others, CNC stitching technology.


Year since 2018
Technique CNC stitching, robot-milled shaping, injection-molded foam, handcrafted shaping and stitching

Design and manufacturing of custom superior cinema seatings, for both yachting and residential spaces. All on demands and wishes off the client.


Year since 2003
Length 12 meter
Technique CNC-Stitching, handcrafted shaping and stitching.

CoverWorks is home supplier and manifactures the exterior and interior upholstery of the Saffier Yachts.

CNC stitched leather

CNC stitching

Using state-of-the-art CNC stitching technology we maximize precision in any design that clients desire. With our extensive experience, we know how to leverage the technology and make the most of its possibilities.

CNC stitching CoverWorks
KUKA Milling Robot

3D foam shaping

By using a KUKA milling robot every 3D-shape can be automatically realised. We also ensure high-precision, three-dimensional work.

Handstitching leather

Crafting and shaping by hand

We use traditional techniques to shape leather around its mould. It is comparable to the way handcrafted Italian shoes are made to fit perfectly.

3D measuring upholstery
CNC cutter leather Coverworks

3D measurement technology

Because size matters, we measure all projects with our 3D-measurement technology. We digitalize the desired upholstery designs and cut fabrics with our CNC cutter.


CoverWorks is determined to be 
always one step ahead in the yacht 
upholstery industry. We run our 
production in a smart and durable 
way and look for 
new opportunities with cutting edge 
technology, craftsmanship, and 
long-term partnerships.

Complicated yacht interior designs don’t scare us, they motivate us! We continuously keep developing new ways to create even more unique products. We help you realize dreams.

Quality to 

The bigger the challenge, the more we like it. No matter how extraordinary the design is, we will deliver quality to perfection.

Super Yacht Award

Award winning

The team of RWD won the Super Yacht Award trophy for Best Tender Design. CoverWorks made the upholstery for the Limousine tender.

Reward winning

As an example on how we work together with our customers, CoverWorks received special thanks after finishing exterior upholstery on Lady S.

CoverWorks Team


To achieve success, everything needs to be in sync: technology, materials and machinery, design processes, and of course the people. Sailmaker CoverWorks has a team of more than 30 industry specialists that deliver the highest quality to our clients – every day.

“CoverWorks stands for innovation. 
We are constantly looking for smart new 

CoverWorks workshop specialists

The specialists

Motivated craftsmen and -women with a passion and a smile.

CoverWorks designers

The artists

Always challenged to perfect the design, often working closely with appointed interior superyacht designers.

Customer success managers CoverWorks

The customer success managers

Your first point of contact, from start to finish.

Customer success managers at CoverWorks
Jeroen van Leeuwen at CoverWorks

“Leading a team in an industry with the world’s most demanding customers is a challenge that keeps me motivated every day.”

Jeroen van Leeuwen

Partner CoverWorks
F18 World Champion Catamaran sailing 2008, 2011
F16 World Champion Catamaran sailing 2013

Gerhard van Geest at CoverWorks

“My main motivation in life and work is getting better in what I do every day. Personal growth on every level.”

Gerhard van Geest

Founding partner CoverWorks
World Champion Nacra Catamaran sailing 1996